“Regional Pain Institute provided the cutting-edge therapy I needed. It’s the best for pain management and pain control done locally. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has changed my life immensely by taking my lifestyle from complete inactivity to living a healthy lifestyle again.”

— Richard R.

“Dr. Henry goes above and beyond to take care of my needs. He is very passionate about his work and persevering diligently to finding a solution in helping subdue my pain. I can say I have great gratification and pride in keeping Dr. Henry as my doctor.”

— Deb H.

“Without Dr. Henry I would be lost. I am now pain-free. The way he addresses my concerns and listens to me makes me feel like his top priority. I feel he truly cares about his patients’ needs, and his staff takes their time in answering questions and concerns. At my visits I can always expect that the staff will follow through with Dr. Henry’s expectations. What a great team!”

— Karen P.

“Dr. Feather is a wonderful doctor. He has helped us through our misery living in pain. We both appreciate what he has done to help us and hope he is in practice for many years to come.”

— Delores and Robert M.

“After losing hope in the medical community and with nowhere else to turn, we were referred to the pain clinic to see Dr. Feather. With all the different symptoms I had experienced, my husband and I didn’t have any expectations of receiving help, but we were wrong. During a lengthy examination, Dr. Feather was able to look at me and tell me exactly what I was experiencing in the way of my symptoms. I was amazed at how he tied the puzzle together that no one else was able to explain to us. After the first treatment I had almost instant results. The pain was gone and all the symptoms with it. I received 10 treatments in all and am happy to say I am pain-free and living a normal life once again. More than that, we made friends that are more like family at the pain clinic. The friendly and professional treatment we received was a breath of fresh air. Dr. Feather really restored my life, and he is an amazing person to boot: friendly, professional and accurate — who could ask for more? What a pleasant experience! I would highly recommend Regional Pain Institute to anyone in need of help. Thank you.”

— Ruby M.

“Thank you, Dr. Feather and your team for giving me a second chance. I am able to cope with my pain without having to deal with the stress of undergoing another surgery at this time. Your physical therapist is phenomenal.”

— Ronald R.

(About Regional Pain Institute’s Physical Therapist Ann Alton)

“Ann is very good at what she does. My last session is still working for me after a couple of months. I do my exercises everyday-I do miss our talks. She is always ready to listen. Hugs too ! I would be glad to tell people that they would get good results from her. I miss her and all the nurses.”

— Lorraine C.

(About Regional Pain Institute’s Physical Therapist Ann Alton)

“In my eyes, Ann is a Super Hero because she changed my quality of life in many positive ways! Through her professional expertise in Physical Therapy and uniquely intuitive personality, Ann rescued my injured back and delicate emotional state. I felt like Ann genuinely cared about how I was feeling each time that I had an appointment. Ann always greeted me with a big smile. Ann taught me so much about my injury in terms that I could understand. Ann always explained what she was going to do to me before she began. Ann gave me a feeling of calmness. Ann used analogies to explain the reasons for my pain, so that I could better understand.”

— Brenda F.

(About Regional Pain Institute’s Physical Therapist Ann Alton)

“Ann is the fourth physical therapist that I have worked with for the same ongoing problem. I have been working with her for a few months now and I feel that she is by far the best physical therapist that I have ever worked with. She has a vast knowledge of how pain affects the body both physical and emotionally. My pain has decreased, while my range of motion has increased dramatically after just a few sessions. She is very intuitive to my issues as they change from session to session and addresses them accordingly. I also attend her monthly C.O.P.E. meetings. They have been highly educational in helping myself understand how chronic pain affects my daily life and how to deal with it from day to day as well as helping those close to me understand my issues. The biggest thing that I have learned from both her C.O.P.E. meetings and working with her in physical therapy is, there are answers and there is relief. I highly recommend anyone that is suffering from chronic pain to attend her C.O.P.E. monthly meetings as well as consider working with her in physical therapy. For me Ann has been my proverbial “needle” in the haystack.”

— Steve M.