At the Regional Pain Institute, we offer a variety of alternative pain management that is centered on providing you more treatment options. Alternative pain management therapies may not work for everyone, but we will work with you to develop a plan catered specifically to your needs. Individual results will vary depending on specific medical conditions, but if alternative treatments are beneficial to your overall quality of life they may be the right solution to find relief from acute or chronic pain conditions. Below is a list of alternative pain management therapies and treatments that may be viable options to help you find relief from your pain.

Physical Therapy

Using a variety of techniques and exercises, physical therapy aims to develop, maintain, and restore physical movement and function for patients who have difficulty moving in a way that limits daily activities.


A variety of modalities, including ice, heat, transuctaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and interferential stimulation therapies, may be used to assist in the reduction of muscle inflammation and spasms that cause pain.


Orthotics is the application of medical devices that support or correct bodily functions, particularly those of the limbs and torso. Chronic pain can cause the body to change as it attempts to counteract persistent pain, in which case orthotics may be put in place to not only stop the body from continuing to degrade but also restore normal functionality.

In addition, the Regional Pain Institute offers an outpatient opiate detox program to assist patients that have become dependent or addicted to medication. Using a team-based approach based on careful monitoring and psychological counseling, patients can find relief from medication dependency.