A common pharmacologic pain management, opiates may be prescribed to patients to provide relief from acute or chronic pain. For some patients, these prescriptions do not cause adverse side effects, however some patients may become addicted or physically dependent on the opiates. As a result, these patients may be unable to stop using the prescribed medication due to heavy withdrawal symptoms. Long-term opiate use can cause nerve cells in the brain to stop producing endorphins that naturally reduce pain perception. In turn, these nerve cells can become hyper sensitive or degenerate and physiologically cause more pain.

Pain medication addiction is a serious condition for patients looking to find relief from their pain conditions. The Regional Pain Institute offers alternative pain management techniques and therapies through an outpatient opiate detoxification program. With a team-based approach to pain management care, the opiate detox program aims to cease the medication reliance for patients. With a two step program and interdisciplinary techniques, our pain management center can help patients break and recover from their addiction. The first step involves detoxification, or safe withdrawal, based on one or more methods catered to the patient’s health condition, psychological state, and length of dependency on medications. The second step of the detox program focuses on successful recovery using comprehensive rehabilitation to address the main cause of addiction.

If you or a loved one is experiencing an issue with prescription drug addiction, contact the Regional Pain Institute to seek help. With team-based counseling and safe detox programs, we can help you find relief from medication dependency.